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Seresto collars need to be changed every 8 months. These collars come in two different sizes for dogs and can offer both flea and tick protection for as long 8 months, meaning that you will have to replace your dog’s collar twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

When using Seresto, you should monitor your pet’s weight frequently during use because the effectiveness of the collar may be reduced if it is too loose or too tight against their skin. Additionally, the collar should be checked monthly to make sure there are no signs of wear or damage.

Finally, remember to keep your Seresto Collar away from water contact as it could reduce its effectiveness.

Dogs should have their collars changed every 8 months

You should replace your dog’s Seresto flea, tick and lice collar every 8 months or sooner if needed. You may need to change the collar a bit sooner if you’ve noticed infestation symptoms appear around the collar or in your dog’s fur. Furthermore, the active ingredients in these collars become less effective after 8 months and won’t be able to protect your dog from ticks and fleas reliably.

It is also important to remember that these collars are not one size fits all. Dog breeds come in different sizes from toy poodles to German Shepards so make sure you purchase a seresto collar that can appropriately fit your dog’s size. By doing this, you will ensure your pup does not ingest any of the product that is present on the collar!

Cats should have their collars changed every 7 months

If you have a cat that wears a Seresto collar, it’s highly recommended that you change the collar every 7 months. This is because of the active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin, which slowly become less effective over time due to environmental exposure.

Additionally, if your cat spends a lot of time outdoors or in damp environments like lakes or rivers, then these ingredients might break down even faster and need to be replaced sooner. To make sure your cat is protected from parasites throughout the year, it may be necessary to replace the collar every 6 months instead.

When changing collars, make sure to remove the seresto flea & tick collar for small dogs old one completely with scissors and dispose of it properly so other animals don’t come into contact with the collar’s active ingredients. If the new collar does not seem to fit correctly or your furry friend shows signs of discomfort or irritation, immediately remove and replace with another size.

Smaller pets should have their collars replaced more frequently, at least every 5 months

Smaller pets should have their Seresto collars changed more frequently than larger ones. For example, cats and small dogs should have their collars replaced every 5 months. This is because smaller animals may be sensitive to the active ingredients in Seresto that may irritate their skin faster as compared to larger ones.

Another reason for a more frequent replacement of the collar is to help protect your pet against ticks and fleas. Seresto’s active ingredients slowly deplete over time, which leads to shorter protection time spans and hence, the need to replace it more often in order to keep your pet protected against parasites.

For you convenience, don’t forget that there are also refillable versions of the Seresto collars available. This way you can easily replace or refresh your pet’s existing collar every few months without having to buy a new one each time.

To summarise

Replacing your pet’s Seresto collar on a regular basis will ensure that they are receiving continual protection from fleas and ticks.

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